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  3. CMAT Question Paper Answers 2012 AICTE CMAT Entrance 2012 Exam Paper
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question paper with answers CMAT MBA Entrance Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if CMAT paper in text or pdf for AICTE. in CMAT Download CMAT Previous Year Papers in PDF. CMAT Question Papers With Solution PDF, Get Here. CMAT Exam Sample. Sir, Please, send cmat previous 5 years question paper with answer on anu. [email protected] email id. Publisher: IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd () CMAT exam question paper - pdf( KB, views).

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Cmat 2012 Question Paper With Solution Pdf

CMAT Entrance Exam Paper for MBA Free Download PDF. if CMAT paper in text or pdf for AICTE CMAT MBA Answer. If you need more CMAT Sample | Model Paper for or CMAT Mock Test Paper with or with out solutions for exam, you can request us. Solved question paper of Common Management Admission Test .pdf CMAT Answer Key May- pdf (Size: KB / Downloads: 1,).

The country with which India has the longest international boundary? Answer: Bangladesh 2. India recently defeated New Zealand in a landmark test match at Kanpur, this was India's: Answer: th test 3. Other than Assam which only Indian state does the river Brahmaputra flow through? How many pillars are there in the emblem of digital India? Which of the following is not a feature of Smart City in India? Who among the following won the Nobel prize? Rechargeable batteries are also known as Secondary cells Which of the following is the cleanest form of energy? B R Ambedkar Creta b. Verna c. Xcent d. Corolla e.

Aardwarks need sleep. All animals need sleep. Dogs are animals.

CMAT practice test 1

Some dogs need sleep. Aardwarks are animals. Some Aardwarks are dogs. The following question has a statement followed by two assumptions I and II.

Consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Assumptions: I. Incentives are expected to motivate the employees. Employees at present are not motivated. The following question has a statement, followed by two arguments I and II. Arguments: I. Yes, this would help curb the unlawful activities of the executive. No, the executive would not be able to take bold measures. Yes, because it will avoid mass copying. No, because then all students will get good marks.

Arrange these to form a logical sequence. Potential targets must be secured as if terror strikes were imminent. However, successful security depends not on crisis-time creativity but on the disciplined and effective implementation of mundane, everyday protocols. On the Republican side, the lowa results have left the picture somewhat murkier. Mike Huckabee beat the putative front-runner, Mitt Romney, by a margin of Social and religious conservatives will constitute only small proportion of voters, in which national security and fiscal concerns are expected to be the main issues.

However, while Mr. Romney might be free of a Huckabee challenge in New Hampshire, he might be hard pressed to fend off John Mcain and Rudoph Guiliani, both of whom largely stayed out of the Iowa campaign. Identify the best way of writing the given sentence ensuring that the message being conveyed remains the same.

When one reads the Hindi literature of the twentieth century, you find a striking contrast between the writings of Munshi Premchand and later day writers of popular Hindi fiction.

Identify the best way of writing the given sentence ensuring that the message being conveyed remains the same : The entire cast and crew of the film, enjoyed splashing in the pool, bathing in the ocean, and, particularly, to sun bathe on the shore. Entertainment being recognized as an important factor in improving mental and physical health and thereby reducing human misery and poverty. Liberalization has gone hand in hand and has offered incentives for such things as personal initiative, ambition, loyalty, hard work, and resourcefulness.

Select the pair of words which exhibit the same relationship between each other as the capitalized pair of words. There are two blanks in the following sentence. From the pairs of words given, choose the one that fills the blanks most appropriately. The first word in the pair should fill the first blank. The idiom given below is followed by four alternatives.

Choose the option which best expresses its meaning. Get down to brass tacks a To begin to talk in plain, straightforward terms b To begin to discuss secret matters c To start unraveling the mystery d To get into the thick of a problem In the following question, a related pair of words is followed by four pairs of words. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair. In the following question four sentences A, B, C and D are given.

CMAT Question Paper Answers 2012 AICTE CMAT Entrance 2012 Exam Paper

You have to arrange them in a logical order to make a sensible paragraph. Still, Sophie might need open-heart surgery later in life and would be more prone to respiratory infections. But with the news that his infant daughter Sophie has a hole in her heart, he appears quite vulnerable. While the condition sounds bad, it is not life threatening, and frequently corrects itself.

Sylvester Stallone has made millions and built a thriving career out of looking invincible. Choose the option that fills the blanks in the sentence below most appropriately. An incomplete argument is followed by four statements labelled a , b , c and d. Select the one which strengthens or completes the argument without importing any fallacy. It is a shame to say it, but apparently mankind thrives on conflict. In old age the arteries in the head as well as the heart are likely to become atherosclerotic.

It is true that more books than ever are being published. The New Jersey State Assembly made a sensible, life-saving decision this month when it approved a bill that allows pharmacies to sell a limited number of syringes to individuals without prescriptions. The bill will allow pharmacies to sell to adults as many as 10 syringes at a time without a prescription. The pharmacies would also be required to provide these customers with instructions for safe needle disposal and information on treatment programs.

Which of the following is a valid assumption?

That is the promise of ankylography, a technique that, according to its creators, could reveal the structure of scientifically important subjects such as complex proteins that can be glimpsed only once before they are destroyed by the high-powered lasers used to image them.

But rather than sparking a revolution in imaging, the idea has raised objections from researchers who say that it amounts to pulling a three-dimensional rabbit out of a two-dimensional hat.

Which of the following principles would strengthen the view of the researchers? Read the following argument and answer the question that follows: Nancy: In the U. Historic wrongs against aboriginal peoples have created a cycle of poverty, under-education and unemployment. Aboriginal peoples may have lower test scores or missed job opportunities because of this history so, quotas for them may be helpful. Affirmative action, either in an employment or educational setting, does not necessarily lead to advancement for the affected group.

Further, it can create resentment amongst the majority. If the value of x is 4 then find the perimeter of the circle.

What is the ratio of the number of students going to school from cities A and B with the total number of cities from D and E? Ans: 3: 10 Which of the following is largest? If she spends a total of then how much she spends on phone?

By what percentage it should increase in the next year to go back to the original value. Ans: 3. It takes 5 hours to drive to a place and walking back. One can save 3 hours by driving both ways. What will be the total time taken if one walk both ways? Ans: 8 hours Zoya makes dolls on weekdays and her husband helps her on the weekends.

CMAT Question Paper Answers 2012 AICTE CMAT Entrance 2012 Exam Paper

What is the percentage increase in her per hour efficiency? Ans: 3 Ajay downloads 20 pencils. The pencils of Brand A cost 4. If he spends Rs in total then how many pencils of brand B he downloadd? Ans: 14 If the numbers are formed by reversing the digits of each other then, how many such pairs exist?

Ans: 5 i Parul is taller than Anu but Tanya is not the tallest. D is not going by boat.

CMAT Previous Year Question Papers with Solution

Please email me previous years question papers of cmat for Mca entrance exam.. My email-Id: Please send previous 10 years CMAT question papers with solutions to my email-id: Deekshant Sahrawat, Mohit Khurana Publisher: Cengage Learning India Price: Disha Experts Publisher: Disha Publications Price: IMS Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House Price: Sir, Please, send cmat previous 5 years question paper with answer,e mail id: Sir Please send any previous year question papers if possible.

Email id: I have checked many of the provided question papers but all of them are without answers. I am doing preparation for cmat examination.

Please email me previous years cmat examination papers. Originally Posted by Unregistered. Thanks u so much sir. Sir i want cmat previous 5 years question papers with ans. Do you have any question?

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