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Callsign books for Radio Amateurs. operating abroad, through Special Contest calls, RSGB Trophies, RSGB Awards to HF propagation forecasts for Radio Books & CDs. Online Catalogue | Radio Books & CDs. Antennas · Beginners · Call Books · Computing & Radio · EMC & RFI · Technical · History · IOTA. Thank you for your request for information where you asked about RSGB's Licence to use. Amateur Radio Call Book data. This was received by.

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Rsgb Call Book

The RSGB came up with all sorts of objections. Of course, nobody would download their Callbook if this public database were freely available to the. A directory of amateur radio station call signs. Resembling a telephone directory and contains the name and addressees of licensed ham radio. Ofcom requests destruction of RSGB Callbook The UK communications regulator Ofcom has admitted it released radio amateurs' private.

For example MW0A could be used for a ham radio contest, etc. Call sign examples Listening on the amateur radio bands, a large variety of UK call signs with different prefixes can be heard. By using the above tables and information it is possible to determine much about the station using them. Although no UK call signs with serial letters in the series QAA to QZZ were issued, these can be used as examples as they do not belong to real stations. For example it can be seen that a station with the call sign G3QQQ would have been issued with a class A license and now hold a UK full licence, but it would have been issued between and , well before the current licensing system was introduced. An amateur radio station with the call sign GB3QQ would be a repeater, and so forth. As can be seen, there is a great variety in UK ham radio call signs and their prefixes. This diversity has partly arisen out of the changes in the UK ham radio or amateur radio licences and also from the need for new series of UK amateur radio call signs. As a result it is very useful to have an understanding of the make up of these call signs. Check out our.

Call Books

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Free hamradio callbook

Mark Witton 14 January Delivered. Dear Office of Communications, This is a freedom of information request.

Yours faithfully, Mark Witton. Link to this Report. Mark Witton 25 January Delivered.

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Dear Office of Communications, Hello? Did you get my request?

UK Amateur Radio Call Signs (callsigns)

Information Requests, Office of Communications 26 January Looking for an EU Authority? We work to defend the right to FOI for everyone Help us protect your right to hold public authorities to account. Donate Now. Tweet this request. Share on Facebook. Write about this on Medium. Write to your politician.

FOI Office of Communications. Dedicated to Chris Lightfoot. Errors in other data result in loss of one third QSO points per error. Awards: Awards will be presented to the winners and runners up, provided sufficient entries are received.

Logs are preferred as an electronic Cabrillo file if possible, if not, a text file. Paper logs can also be sent in any reasonable form not post cards or small pieces of paper. If you are not sure please contact me before sending in log. Awards: Awards will be presented at the AGM to the winners and runners up of each section provided sufficient entries are received.

The Cup will be awarded to the member or group of members judged as submitting the best "home brew" project for examination by the judges.

Account will be taken of the commercial content modules, such as tuner heads etc. Kit projects may be submitted, but only if built from start to finish by the entrant or group of members. Modified commercial equipment may be entered providing a detailed report is attached detailing what exactly has been modified.

Call Books

There are no limits to the number of entries per member or group of members. Any entry that fails to win may be re-submitted in subsequent years.

Unfinished projects may be submitted. Also indicate whether an individual or a group constructed the entry.

Where an Affiliated Club Station has more than one callsign, e. Only one contact per member station or Special Event may count for the contest.