akan dianalisis, yaitu apakah yang menjadi hubungan antara penegakan Kode Etik Notaris dengan keberadaan Undang-Undang Jabatan Notaris terhadap. Notaris merupakan pejabat umum yang diberikan kewenangan oleh menjunjung harkat dan martabatnya dengan menegakkan kode etik Notaris. Agar. KODE ETIK NOTARIS HASIL KONGRES KE pervipercora.cf - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides.

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    Kode Etik Notaris Pdf

    PERDATA DAN PIDANA MENURUT UNDANG-UNDANG JABATAN. NOTARIS DAN KODE ETIK NOTARIS. Oleh Agus hindrabuana. 1., Sutanto. 2. INTISARI. Download PDF ( KB). Show more info. Provided by: Diponegoro University Institutional Repository. Publication Year: Suggested articles. Suggested. PELANGGARAN KODE ETIK NOTARIS OLEH PENGURUSIKATAN terhadap notaris yang melakukan pelanggaran kode etik oleh pengurus wilayah.

    Role and of Notary of vital importance to traffic punish in society, therefore Notary have to earn to run its profession professionally have, high dedication to and also always hold high standing and its prestige by upholding code of ethics Notary. So that can run its duty better as steward of society, a professional have to run its occupation by harmonizing among owned membership by respect code of ethics profession. Ethics is norms, rules and conditions, which must fulfill by a group of one who is conceived of by circle of professional. Therefore, of vital importance to all Notaries to be able to more comprehend of that deed can be told as collision of code of profession. Ethics, how organizational effectiveness Notary Indonesia in giving construction to all Notaries in order not to happen things which harming Notary and served society it. Pursuant to the things hence problems to check in this research: A Violations code of ethics, barriers and solutions Violations of code of conduct, as well as the legal consequences violations of the code of ethics by notary in district Purbalingga. Approach method the used is approach of empirical yuridis and specification of which is used in this research have the character of analytical descriptive research.


    The nature and nature of the Notary's office is oriented towards the legalization of information or agreement, so that it can become the main legal basis on the status of property, rights, and obligations of the parties involved. The problems in this thesis are: The method of approach taken in this research is empirical juridical.

    The juridical approach is used to analyze the various laws and regulations, while the empirical approach is used to view and analyze the law in a clear sense that is seen from the behavior of society along with all its aspects.

    Because in this research examining people in relation of life in society, hence method of empirical law research can be regarded as research of sociological law which is branch of law of law socio legal research in sociological jurisprudence because legal research is taken from facts that exist in a society , legal entities or government bodies.

    The location of the notary profession's significance is in its main duty as an authentic deed maker. Thus, the position of Notary is very important in helping to create legal certainty for the community.

    Notary is in the realm of preventing the occurrence of legal matters through an authentic deed which he made as the most powerful evidence within or outside the court.

    Each Notary candidate is required to attend the internship as one of the requirements to be able to follow the Notary Code of Ethics Examination which is preceded by Examination of Extraordinary Member in order to be appointed Notary.

    Internship, Candidate Notary, Organization, Professional. Text cover dan abstrak Cover dan Abstrak Tatik. Item Type: Thesis Masters Primary Supervisor: Azmi Fendri, S.

    Kode Etik Pegawai

    Kn Subjects: Pascasarjana Tesis Depositing User: More information and software credits. Permasalahan yang akan diteliti dalam penelitian ini adalah: Bagaimana mekanisme pemberian Sanski terhadap Notaris yang melakukan pelanggaran kode etik jabatan notaris dan upaya-upaya yang dapat dilakukan oleh Notaris yang dijatuhkan sanski pelanggaran kode etik jabatan notaris untuk mengajukan keberatan.

    Metode pendekatan yang digunakan adalah pendekatan yuridis normatif dan spesifikasi yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini bersifat penelitian deskriptif analitis. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa bagi Notaris yang melakukan pelanggaran kode etik, Dewan Kehormatan dapat menjatuhkan sanski kepada pelanggarnya, sanski yang dikenakan terhadap anggota Ikatan Notaris Indonesia yang melakukan pelanggaran kode etik tersebut dapat berupa: Teguran, Peringatan, Schorzing pemecatan sementara dari anggota perkumpulan, Onzetting pemecatan dari anggota perkumpulan, dan Pemberhentian dengan tidak hormat dari anggota perkumpulan.

    Namun sanski pemecatan yang diberikan terhadap Notaris yang melakukan pelanggaran kode etik bukanlah berupa pemecatan dari jabatan notaris melainkan pemecatan dari keanggotaan Ikatan Notaris Indonesia. Sehingga sanski tersebut terkesan kurang mempunyai daya mengikat bagi Notaris yang melakukan pelanggaran kode etik.

    Notaris yang dijatuhkan sanski atas pelanggaran kode etik dapat melakukan upaya pembelaan diri dan dapat mengajukan banding secara bertingkat terhadap putusan Dewan Kehormatan Daerah kepada Dewan Kehormatan Wilayah dan Dewan Kehormatan Pusat sebagai pemeriksaan tingkat akhir.


    The problem will be examined in this study is: How does the mechanism of granting Sanctions against a notary who did breach the code of conduct the Office of notary public and efforts which can be done by the notary who dropped sanctions violation code of ethics the Office of notary for filing objections. The method used is the approach of the juridical normative approach and specifications used in the research is descriptive research analytical.

    Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that for the notary who did breach the code of conduct, the Council of honor can drop the sanctions to violators, sanctions imposed against members of Indonesia who perform Notarial Bond violations of the code of ethics can be: Reprimand, warning, Schorzing temporary expulsion from the members of the Assembly, Onzetting dismissal of the members of the Assembly, and Dismissal with no respect from the members of the Assembly.

    But the dismissal sanctions awarded against a notary public who do breach the code of conduct is not in the form of dismissal from the post of notary except Notary Bond membership expulsion from Indonesia.

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