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    Pet Masterclass Pdf

    Includes Introduction to PET module and online PET practice test. PET Masterclass appeals to highly motivated students. Our discounted price list ( PDF). Pet Masterclass Teacher Book pleadings,play flute everything need know, playboy magazine july ,playing to get smart,playboy magazine february Thank you for reading pet masterclass studenta s book and introduction to pet pack preliminary english test pet masterclass. As you may know, people have.

    U NT'. GE 1 Complete the crossword with words connected to music. Name two instruments with strings. Nama two typas of music group musicians play in. S You must remember to provide the band with water during a show - they drink at least two litres each. S You mustn't leave the crew' s bus untidy. Correct any mistakes with must, have to and need in the dialogue. Crew members must to work long hours.

    After the test, our teacher asked us if we had checked our work. She said, ' If your answer is too What does it say? Mark the correct letter A, B, or C on your answer sheet. C This van is locked at night. I 1ijI.

    HII Members From: Frampton Film Club Date: In advance of the Latin American cinema season , there's a special showing tonight Also, don't forget our horror film tomorrow at B a comedy. C a horror movie. B Keep to the shallow end if you are on your own in the pool.

    C Accompany non-swimmers if they wish to be in the deep end. John B John has a tennis match with Kevin at 7. He'll be. Why does Claire want Marta to call her? Would Iou GoOS;de.

    On the opposite page there are descriptions of eight TV programmes. Decide which programme would be the most suitable for the following people. For questions , mark the correct letter A-H on your answer sheet. She needs to find out some basic facts before tomorrow's lesson. As he wants to relax this evening, he would prefer to watch something that isn't too serious. They would like to watch a programme which will give them some practical advice about where they could go at an affordable price.

    However, he lacks experience and wants a programme that will help him to carry out the work properly. He is particularly interested in inventors of the nineteenth century. On TV tonight Do-it-yourself! Tonight, this practical look at home improvements considers how to make life easier for those who prepare the family meals!

    If you want to find out which is the right paint to use and explore new possibilities for even the smallest cooking spaces, you'll find all the answers you need tonight - or on the programme's seriously detailed website.

    B c Memorable people This series has looked at a number of important people, from the scientist Charles Darwin to Brunei, the great nineteenth-century engineer. Tonight's programme will introduce us to Sir Humphry Davy, whose famous development of the Davy safety lamp in changed the lives of miners and their families forever. Even when she learns her furniture is stuck on a lorry north of the border, Berit doesn't stop smiling. Highly entertaining TV.

    He discusses how and when the Matterhorn was formed, and informs the viewer about the wildlife and plants found beneath its snowline, as well as telling some amusing stories about nineteenth-century climbers. High challenge Tonight's true story is about one man's attempt to reach the top of one of the most difficult mountains in the world fifty years ago.

    Recreated from diary entries and newspaper reports, this wonderful film will hold your attention right to the end, with its amazing camerawork and unusually detailed content on this little-known climber.

    Shelley's kitchen Visit top chef David Shelley's home tonight, for an amusing half-hour of recipes and personal stories. In his own kitchen, Shelley will be preparing recipes from the Italian mountain regions.

    He will cook a range of delicious mountain dishes consisting mainly of cheese, herbs and potatoes. Perfect entertainment for vegetarians!

    PET Masterclass StudentBook.pdf

    Friends like us This Australian comedy series has many fans, who love its gentle jokes and true-to-life characters. This evening, Val's cousin has come for a short holiday, and decides to redesign the apartment while everyone is out at work, which is very unpopular, and makes Val finally say what's on her mind. There's also a detailed look at the cut-price weekend breaks available on the internet, with advice on the best sites for last-minute bookings. TIle B.. Read the text on the opposite page to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

    If it is correct, mark A on your answer sheet. If it is not correct, mark B on your answer sheet. Britain's first tea plantation High above the River Fal in south Cornwall, a team of gardeners is preparing to grow a much-loved plant for the first time commercially in Britain.

    On the Tregothnan Estate, fields that were once used to grow potatoes, carrots and peas have become the home of Britain's first tea plantation.

    Pet Masterclass

    In , Tregothnan staff were unsure whether they could grow tea, so they planted five hundred tea plants. They are growing well and there are now plans to cover the hillsides with different varieties of tea all the way down to the river by This part of the country has a suitable climate for growing tea and because the fie lds face south, Jonathan Jones, Tregothnan's head gardener, is especially hopeful: Of course, no one is doubting the demand for the product.

    Mr Jones says. However, it is not the commonly used black tea that will be grown, but green and white tea. Green tea, which is said to lower cholesterol.

    If all goes well, apart from producing the usual dried tea in packets, th e Tregotbnan Estate also aims to introduce fresh leaves, which are believed to have additional health benefits, for sale at supermarkets up and down the country.

    Tea has to be grown for six years before it can be picked for sale, which means that Tregothnan staff will have to wait until to know whether their efforts have been successful.

    However, leaves that were picked after three years suggest that these particular plants do produce a light. Stephen Twining, the tenth generation of the Twining family to work for the famous tea firm, is positive: For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or 0 on your answer sheet.

    The Art of Travel by ALain de Botton The old saying 'It's better to travel than to arrive' is usually understood as an attack on destinations rather than a positive statement about travel. Indeed, people are always complaining about the horrors of travelling: However, I believe there are some unusual pleasures in the journeys we make. Take the aeroplane, for example. Few seconds in life are more exciting than those during take-off.

    Waiting at the beginning of a runway, we see familiar locations out of the plane window: Then suddenly, accompanied by the controlled noise of the engines, we rise smoothly into the sky and a huge space opens up for us, where we can imagine new possibilities in our lives. Trains are another wonderful travel environment.

    I love the atmosphere of half-empty carriages making their way across the countryside: A train journey can be like a dream, where we become involved in different thoughts and are able to recall distant memories.

    There's nothing like a moving train to encourage the mind to perform properly. Thinking can even improve when parts of the mind are busy with other tasks, like listening to music or following a line of trees.

    If we are attracted to air or train travel despite their disadvantages, it is perhaps because we feel that these experiences provide an important alternative to the habits and limitations of our ordinary world. A to disagree with an accepted saying B to complain about modern transport C to explain his ideas about travelling D to describe an unusual train journey What does the writer say about travelling by air? A He finds the delay before take-off annoying.

    B He enjoys the feeling of freedom it gives.

    PET Masterclass

    C He prefers it to driving: B sit in a completely empty carriage. C admire the countryside along the way. According to the writer, a train journey is good for us because A it encourages us to remember certain things.

    B it allows us to forget about our daily problems. C it lets our minds concentrate on a single idea. Which of the following might the writer say? B A If we travelled less often, we would have better memories of our visits. Even though journeys can be uncomfortable, they are of benefit to our lives. It has There were actually a few 'home-made' skateboards in the s, but it wasn't One group of people in particular was The 'Z-Boys', as they were called, were keen surfers and In the early s, there was very little rain in California and many people had to These smooth, concrete spaces were excellent skateboarding locations for the Z-Boys, People were amazed at what the Z-Boys For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

    Use no more tha. Write only the missing words on your answer sheet. You may use this page for any rough work. My friend Gianni said 'you Gianni said 'Why.. We went on Friday Thursday, because I was too tired then. At the Blue Parrot nightclub, there's dancing.. It was I really enjoyed myself Part 2 Question 6 You are on holiday and have bought this postcard to send to your friend Pat. Write a postcard to send to Pat. Write words on your answer sheet. Write your answer in about words on your answer sheet.

    Put the question number in the box at the top of your answer sheet. I really don't read enou!: What thin!: What else do you like to do in your free time? Listening Part 1 Questions There are seven questions in this part. For each question there are three pictures and a short recording.

    Choose the correct picture and put a tick. Where does the man find the woman's notebook? I 6 What time will the train from Birmingham arrive? For each question, put a tick ,f in the correct box. Who gave Roger his first role in a play? At the moment, Roger is Roger's main aim now is to A acted on the stage. B learned how to dance. C wrote his own play. A his parents wanted him to. B his English teacher suggested it.

    It's surprising! Try to get a photo where you look annoying! You have to be seen having a relaxing! You'll feel very satisfying! You really don't want the audience to be boring! Writing 2 Underline the adjectives in this description of a scene from a film and match some of them to below. Jenni arrives home tired after work and finds the unlocked. She goes into the house feeling rather She calls out in a loud voice, ' Hello.

    Who's there l' There IS no reply. She starts to feel scared. She opens the door to mall living room and feels a cold wind on her face. There s :n old man in the room.

    They look at each other in silence.

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